Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Profits of Apocalypse

"The Profits of Apocalypse" is story #1 in a short fiction series called Hemegohm's Tendril which expands the narrative begun in the science fiction novel The Rise and Fall of Shimmerism (story #2 located here). It takes place approximately 33 years after the events of the novel. The tale unfolds during a lecture given at the League of Faiths Pavilion, where one of the novel's pervasively-present-yet-never-before-encountered characters, Pad Q. Glibbert, is addressing his constituents: the chief executive officers of all the galaxy's fractious, bizarre religious sects, shrewdly united under his leadership. In the crowd sits an aging Meinolf Gloomdred, prurient as always, and still quite enraged about Simon Shadow having slipped from his grasp so many years prior...

This story has been illustrated and expanded, and is now included with the final story in the Hemegohm’s Tendril triptych "The Gulf of the Architect."

Hemegohm’s Tendril - James Kracht

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