Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Centers of Old Empires

"The Centers of Old Empires" is story #2 in a short fiction series called Hemegohm's Tendril which expands the narrative begun in the science fiction novel The Rise and Fall of Shimmerism (story #1 located here). A fractured tale of the multiverse, the story begins in the year 2167. Simon Shadow has been abandoned in an escape pod, cruelly dumped in a distant, unknown solar system by the United Galactic Marine Corps. As the hours pass, Simon slowly realizes his survival is tied to an ominous set of choices...

This story has been illustrated and expanded, and is now included with the final story in the Hemegohm’s Tendril triptych "The Gulf of the Architect."

Hemegohm’s Tendril - James Kracht

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