Thursday, February 23, 2006

New Word: copstipation

Main Entry: cop-sti-pa-tion
Function: noun
Date: 21st century (2/23/2006)

1: abnormally delayed or infrequent lane changes usually caused by the presence of a police car on the freeway.

This has got to be the single most irritating phenomenon on the freeways. In my experience, it seems that highway patrol cars tend to exceed the speed limit (obviously in pursuit of evil). Yet, a large number of police cruisers (attempting to avoid their crime-fighting duties on surface streets) drive approximately 1 or more miles under the posted speed limit on the freeway. The clog of moronic drivers (terrified to "pass") that collect behind this police cruiser is completely maddening. One is forced to contemplate this passive-agressive stance on the part of the city police. What message, exactly, are they trying to send us through this behavior?

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